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Combinations of renewable and fossil fuel are growing

The Industry Growth Group's Asian Century Event in Perth Australia saw the promotion of the 2013 Regional Conference on Solar and Hybrid Technologies and heard from 3 speakers on the opportunities that exist in Asia, and why Australian companies should consider entering the Asian Hybrid energy markets.

Sponsored by the Asia Pacific Society for Solar and Hybrid Technologies (APSSAHT), the event received glowing praise for its insights and discussion points.

Professor Dr Nader Barsoum, President of APSSAHT said "This event demonstrated the opportunities of the asian hybrid technologies industry and discussed the up an coming 2013 Regional Conference as being a key launchpad into the industry for those willing to take the lead".

Scott Campbell, Executive Director of the Industry Growth Group said that Australian companies had opportunities in the exporting of services and innovation into Asia. Whilst the country struggles to compete on exporting products into the industry, there is huge demand for management skills, expertise and training. Australia can also position as a regional distriubutor for the region, acting as a liaison between Europe and North America and the Asian markets.

55 people attended the lunch, with many indicating committement to the hybrid energy industry and a willingness to expand in the asian region.

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