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A key goal of the Asia Pacific Society for Solar and Hybrid Technologies (APSSAHT) is to run conferences and events which allow members to share in information and knowledge, and to engage people in education and innovation.

In 2013 APSSAHT is hosting one of the dozen international conferences and events taking place in Malaysia as part of the Global 20 STEM States International Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation (STEMFest). STEMFest runs over 4 weeks and comprises of international conferences, field trips, meetings, dinners and award ceremonies, and much more. To learn more about STEMFest visit

APSSAHT is pleased to be hosting one event during the STEM Festival.

This event will run between the 27th and 29th September 2013 and over 500 delegates from the renewable energy sector around the world will descend on Kuching Malaysia to take part in the World Hybrid Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Solar and Hybrid Technology (WorldHybrid). To learn more about this conference visit the conference website at

APSSAHT is currently looking for destinations to host WorldHybrid in Australia in 2014. To view the bid manual for APSSAHT conferences please click here.

In addition to WorldHybrid 2014, APSSAHT is also working on hosting two conferences in North America, one in 2015 and one in 2016.To enquire about hosting a World Hybrid Asia and North America Conference please contact APSSAHT at

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