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About Us

The Asia Pacific Society for Solar and Hybrid Technologies (APSSAHT) is a not for profit organisation aimed at promoting and developing the use of renewable and hybrid energy technologies.

The vision and mission of the Society shall be:

Vision: APSSAHT will be a centre of renewable energy and hybrid technology in the Asia Pacific Region

Mission: APSSAHT is committed to apply recent technology in solar and hybrid energy in its wider region

Values: Respecting sponsors, inventors and suppliers; awarding researchers, implementers and developers, Collaborating with ISES and global marketing

The objectives of the Society shall be :

(1) Encouraging the use of Renewable Energy everywhere, through appropriate technology, scientific excellence, social responsibility, and global communication.
(2) Bringing together industries, individuals and institutions in support of Renewable Energy technologies - through conferences, communication, co- operation, support and exchange.
(3) Stimulating and encouraging both fundamental and applied research in solar energy and hybrid technology.
(4) Collaborating and co-operating with other scientific societies, institutions, and academies in the country and abroad for research, development, and furtherance of renewable energy utilization.
(5) Applying practical projects, technology transfer, education svenska nätcasino, training and support to the issue of global energy development.
(6) Ensuring individual and community growth through support of private enterprise and empowerment in the area of renewable energy.

 APSSAHT is ran by an executive committee comprising of 10 members and operates under a constitution. 

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